Life with Alicia Lynne // Becoming a Brose, Part 1

If you're NOT into mushy love stories, move along please. 

If you ARE into mushy love stories, keep reading... I am about to tell you the story about how I met Kyle, my husband, and how our story began.


Meet Kyle:

Well, this is a photo of 17-year-old Kyle. The guy in this picture didn't like school, loved football, only went to church because his parents made him and thought the party life would make him cool. 

I didn't know Kyle yet... probably because I was in 5th grade. 

One thing that hasn't changed about Kyle since this picture is his bravery in accepting bets. Like "'I'll bet you a dollar you wont eat that worm" or "I'll give you 5 dollars if you swallow that goldfish alive." or "$20 you wont drink that whole bowl of salsa verde." and don't forget "If you shave both your eyebrows off, I'll give you $50." (Yes all of those are real bets that, of course, he accepted.)

Meet Alicia (Me):

This is a photo of 17-Year-Old Alicia. I cried when I got my first A-, told my friends to "watch their language", led a Bible study with junior high girls every week, and obviously, I thought I was a gangster. 

At this point in my life, I knew who Kyle Brose was ( I think we met when I was about 15 but I don't remember the exact time) because we went to the same church. I thought he was cute and funny.

OKAY, let's be real, I Facebook stalked him. Hard. And I may or may not have practiced writing my first name with his last name. 

However, during this season of my life, I wasn't interested in dating because I was pursing a relationship with God and He was teaching me what true love actually looked like. I was also learning to set my standard high for whoever my future husband would be. 

Fast Forward to Kyle's 24th Birthday

"Happy Birthday Kyle!!! :)"

I didn't know that sweet little text I sent on 10/17/2013 would lead to my life changing so drastically, so quick!

After a few text messages back and forth I started to realize how interested Kyle was in my life. Don't worry, at this point I'm 18. Fully legal adult. 

A few weeks went by as we chatted via text message and I started to wonder what on earth I was doing?! I wouldn't want those junior high girls I was leading to be texting a boy, just because... and I wanted to set a good example for them. But I was interested in Kyle and liked talking to him.

During a conversation with my mentor and friend, Jenni, I got some great advice.

Me: "Jenni, I'm not sure what to do. I have been talking with Kyle and I think maybe he's interested in me..."

Jenni: "Well, have you sensed any "red flags"?

(You know... he is rude to his mom, has debt up to his eyeballs, makes you feel pressured, or likes the 49ers... those kind of red flags.)

"Uhh...*thinking about any possible red flags* No."

"And do you eventually, someday, maybe want to get married?"


"Well then, eventually, someday, you're going to have to date a boy."

Instantly I felt a peace. Almost like I needed permission to pursue a relationship with Kyle that could become more than a friendship. Thanks, Jenni. You're rad. 

Our First Date

I call it a date. Kyle called it a "friend date" because he didn't want me to feel pressured or like he was coming on too strong. So you know what he did??

He made me pay for my own chicken salad.

Never mind the fact that he drove me and paid for my $25 ticket to a hockey game later that evening... nope. I had to pay for my own $7 salad. (I'm not actually resentful... this is now one of our inside jokes because it's hilarious.)

Earlier that day we were walking through the mall and I saw one of those fancy new cars they put in the walk-way with it's hood up. It reminded me that my car's low coolant light was on and I mentioned that to Kyle. He said, "oh I can take a look at it when I drop you off at your car tonight." 

By the end of the night, though, I had long forgotten his promise and I was ready to say goodbye when Kyle said, "Oh yeah! let me take a look at your coolant." He opened the hood of my car, checked the coolant and let me know I was a little low. 

"I think I have some in my pick up."

*goes back to his pickup to look*

"Yeah, here it is. I'll just pour it in really quick. And let me just check your oil while I'm at it."

*Wipes the oil dipstick off on the inside of the bottom of his pants* (I faint a little inside... what a guy.)

"You're a little low on oil, too... I think I have some....... yeah, you can have this."

*Pours the oil in*

...and right then, ladies and gentlemen, was when I knew. Even if we only stayed friends. I knew I should keep this guy around. 


More than a friend

After a few weeks of going on dates with each other, I was "in like" with Kyle. I could see myself marrying him. No red flags, still. 

I had high expectations for my future husband, and yet, Kyle surpassed them. If you know him (the Kyle he is now, not the high school version of Kyle) than you know all of this is true: he is kind, he is bold, he loves his family, he is loyal to his friends, he will go out of his way to make someone feel welcome and seen, he is an extremely hard worker, he has a light hearted sense of humor, and most importantly, he loves God and is constantly in pursuit of becoming more like Christ. 

On December 28th, 2013, Kyle took my dad out for coffee to ask for his blessing to "court" me. I kid you not. He said "court" because he believed he wanted to marry me someday. And I would not have started dating him if I couldn't picture myself marrying him! 

Later that day, I met Kyle at the waterfront in Poulsbo, WA and we made it official. With a beautiful bouquet of flowers in his hand he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said YES!

Then, of course, I made it Instagram official. 


My friends (and family) were a little bit in shock since I had been known to be a huge advocate of girls enjoying and cherishing their season of singleness (I STILL AM!) and I was not interested in dating... at all. Until I was. :) 

If you have read all of this until now.... well... that will make me feel like I didn't just write all of this for nothing! So thanks!

Stick around for Part 2 of Becoming a Brose....Our story of how we got engaged and then married!