Getting Rid of my Big BUTS

How This All Started

Around June of 2014, I read a quote that inspired me to the point of action. Here it is:

Thanks Jim. 

I have seen many inspirational quotes before, probably even along the same lines of this one, but for some reason, when I read this quote- it sparked something in me. 

I started thinking about what I would do with my time and energy as a career if money wasn't a factor. It was one of those rare moments where I stopped and seriously thought to myself, "What do I LOVE doing? What brings me joy? What could I picture myself doing as a career for a lifetime?"

And I instantly thought of photography.


then the doubt and fear crept in.

"Isn't everybody and their mom calling themselves 'photographers' nowadays? Isn't the market saturated enough?" 

I ended up asking somebody I knew through my church if I could "job shadow" them doing wedding videography, because that sounded fun too.

More than becoming his videographer assistant, we became good friends and I am so thankful for that friendship! Josiah from Rainy Parade Films taught me everything I know about videography and the experience I got from being at all of those weddings was great. 


Every wedding I came to as the videographer I was wishing I was the photographer. 

Starting a photography business was starting to become more appealing AND possible in my mind. With the encouragement of my awesome husband, I began actually considering it!

When I finally shared my thoughts with Josiah, he replied "Oh, well that's kind of good to hear because I've actually decided that I'm no longer going to film weddings anymore."

THAT, my friends, is what I call a "door closing" and SOMETIMES I pray for those so that my next step becomes that much easier. God answered my prayer that I didn't even knew I prayed!

One Door Closes, Another One...Needs to be Kicked Down

Sometimes, I wish every good opportunity would just fall into my lap. In other words, I wish doors would just open for me. No struggle, no challenge, easy peasy. 

Well, I've learned life doesn't always happen that way. 

Sometimes, there's a door that you want to enter through but it's "closed". Well, have you tried knocking? Or twisting the door knob? How about kicking the door down, ninja-style?

Until you try those things, you may never know if it's really closed for good. 

So here I am, kicking down the door that I've always considered "closed". I'm pursuing a dream that I used to only talk about. I'm finally making tangible steps to becoming a successful wedding photographer!


I'm still as scared as a turkey in November! 

My courage feels like the wind. One minute, a huge strong gust comes along and I do something bold. The next minute, my courageous wind dies down and I wonder where all my confidence went! 

Everyday, I have to DECIDE to not let my fear keep me from trying. I have to DECIDE to not compare myself or my photography style. I have to DECIDE to not make excuses, and keep moving forward. 

I'm still in the beginning stages of building my photography business and it's exciting. It's uncertain. It's an adventure. It's intimidating.


Thanks to the encouragement from amazing photographers in the local photographer community like my friends over at Made to Create, the Rising Tide Society and Tonie Sexauer of Tonie Christine Photography , I have support, inspiration, and people to answer my endless questions. 

I'm enjoying this journey one step at a time. Want to join me?