It all started when...


If you've come this far, you already know I'm a photographer! Weddings are my favorite thing to photograph for the following reasons: love (the true stuff!), cake, dancing, celebration, excitement, and dancing. Sometimes I feel almost equally excited for my brides to get married as they are! 

I love this beautiful thing called life and I believe in choosing to make every day, the best day ever. Some ways I like to do that: go on walks with my puppy, sing at the top of my lungs, talk to Jesus, slow dance with my husband, and take pretty pictures. 

Some of my favorite photos from my wedding day were hugs; a giant hug to the small group of junior high girls I led at my church, a hug to one of my best friends growing up (we didn't spend much time together anymore), and my last hug I ever got to give my grandpa. I want to capture these same kinds of memories for you so that you can cherish them the same way I do.